Thursday, July 13, 2017

READ Lecture bilingue-Bilingual Reading 13 July 2017 in Pairs

READ: a series of translation seminars run by Sarah Riggs and Cole Swensen which culminates in publication in READ anthologies is celebrating 12 years of bringing together authors and translators for an intense week of co-writing, co-translating that takes place once a week annually. To bask in the wonderful results of 12 years of encounters, READ has invited all of its participants back for this lovely close of the pre-summer season reading in the REID Hall gardens in the 6th arr. of Paris. The event will start at 5pm.It is also a great moment to pick up copies of READ, including the most recent issue with my translations of Jean-Michel Espitallier and his translations of my work which we have been anxiously awaiting!

Authors will read extracts from READ or a memory to share, and there will be a table of books, journals or other work in progress .
When: Thursday, July 13th at 5pm
Where: 4, rue de Chevreuse
75006 Paris metro Vavin
LECTURE READ à REID HALL, 4 rue de chevreuse, 17h aujourd'hui--pour fêter les 12ans de READ, échanges de traduction franco-anglais organisé par Sarah Riggs et Cole Swensen. 

Monday, July 03, 2017

Afterlife now out from Angel House Press

Limited edition Angel House Press, Canada, chapbook written in a combination of English and French. Available for purchase at

" Engager une réflexion sur le langage avec une intrication audacieuse  - et rare -  de l'anglais et du français, au travers de la légende mythologique de Dibutade, voilà le projet poétique d'Afterlife. Dans une écriture kaléidoscopique, Jennifer K.Dick s'attache avec virtuosité à interroger ce qui fait trace et ce qui nous trace, nous forme, nous silhouettes humaines. Un livre tout en "point d'ombrelumière". " --Virginie Poitrasson, auteure d'Il faut toujours garder en tête une formule magique 

"The ideal creator: Jennifer K Dick articulates the inventor/invented myth of Dibutade in delicate charcoal words that revel in the limits of language". -Lisa Pasold, author of Any Bright Horse.

"The echoing question of the mark that language leaves on us all and makes of us all is celebrated here in Dick's lyrical recall of the invention of drawing, while her English/French parallel enacts the question of presentation vs representation in yet another way. The parts all come together in a marvelous tumult, endlessly breaking down and endlessly rebuilding." —Cole Swensen, author of On Walking On. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Comme Un n°9 and Lucky Thirteen collaborative chapbook launches!

Come if you are free--very excited about these events:

June 17th at 17h for reading, visit gallery at 16h on:

June 18th we will be happily celebrating the LUCKY 13 collaborative chapbook by Lisa Pasold, Barbara Beck, Michelle Noteboom and Jennifer K Dick.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

June events with Jennifer K Dick

June Paris Events with Jennifer K Dick

Poetry readings and 3 celebration book launches
+ one seminar discussion and 2 curated events for others in June 2017

Friday, June 9 at 7 p.m.
Launch / Book celebration
Apéro autour du livre
« La poésie motléculaire de Jacques Sivan »
en présence de VANNINA MAESTRI
et des auteur-e-s Jennifer K. Dick, Jean-Michel Espitallier,
Emmanuèle Jawad, Luigi Magno & Gaëlle Théval
at the stand of the publisher, éditions Al Dante,
Marché de la poésie, Place Saint-Sulpice

Saturday June 10 à 18h30
Dans le cadre de la nuit remue 11:
Bibliothèque Audoux, 10 rue Portefoin, 75003 Paris, France
Co-organisée par Emmanuèle Jawad et Marie de Quatrebarbes
Lectures (en français) par :
 Stéphane Bouquet, Jennifer K Dick, Gaëlle Théval, Emmanuel Laugier, Frédérique Ildefonse, Vannina Maestri, Franck Leibovici, Philippe Jaffeux, Pierre Déléage, Olivier Quintyn, Hortense Gauthier, Florence Pazzottu, Benoît Casas, Véronique Pittolo

Monday June 12 à 14h30 pour le public
Dans le cadre des États généraux de la poésie: 2017,
au CNEAI Pantin (anciens Magasins Généraux de Pantin), 1 rue de l'Ancien canal, 93500 Pantin M° ligne 5 : « Eglise de Pantin » then 6 min à pied.
(Note : Reservation required—contact CNEAI)
Co-organisé par la revue Sarrazine et les éditions LansKine
AVEC la participation de :
Aziadé Baudouin-Talec Sereine Berlottier -Philippe Bertrand -Didier Bourda – Mathieu Brosseau Olivier Chaudenson – Sophie Coiffier - Séverine Daucourt-Fridriksson –  Manuel Daull - Jennifer K. Dick - Yann Dissez - Franck Doyen – Pierre Drogi – Antoine Gallardo - Françoise Gillard - Sylvie Gouttebaron –Silvia Guerra - Françoise Lalot - Guillaume Lecaplain –Franck Smith – Catherine Tourné - Paul de Brancion - Sylvie Boulanger

Saturday June 17 à 17h
Artbook launch and art show for
COMME UN” n° 9
At AREA (art gallery) 39 rue Volta, 75003 Paris
With a reading by JENNIFER K DICK
(en français et un peu en anglais)
And the participation and show of artwork by the 4 Japanese artists who, with Jennifer K Dick, acted "COMME UN" in the collaborative making of this book: 
Matsutani Takeseda, Akira Inumaru, Akira Takaishi, Takeshi Sumi.

Sunday June 18: 12-4pm
Brunch reading for the launch of
A collaborative chapbook of "orchestrated poems" in the ongoing series by
by:Barbara Beck, Jennifer K Dick, Michelle Noteboom and Lisa Pasold
Reading will take place promptly at 13h
Potluck style event near Clignancourt, Paris 18e:
Reserve a place via email for address

Monday June 19 8pm
Featured Reader: Jennifer K Dick
Theme of the night: “MECHANICS”
for YOUR open mic participation
Au Chat Noir, 76 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011. Métro Parmentier/Couronnes.


Tuesday June 20 7:30pm
Ivy Writers Paris final event of the 2016-2017 season
Sabine Macher
Charles Borkhuis
Kevin Craft
Berkeley Books of Paris, 8 rue Casimir Delavigne, 75006 Paris
Entrance “fee”: please support their South African children’s book drive by bringing a children’s book (ages 6-8) to donate or buy one for the donation box while there!

Thursday June 29 7pm
ECRIRE L’ART à la Kunsthalle-Mulhouse
 final event of the 2016-2017 season
Along with la soirée KUNSTAPERO : come for a reading-visit of the show, a wine tasting and nibblets !
Reservations via la Kunsthalle site/n°
(cost: 5euros, to cover wine and apéro snacks)
At La Kunsthalle-Mulhouse, 16 rue de la fonderie, Mulhouse, France


Monday, May 29, 2017

REIMS le 1er juin for the SAES Congrès

I will be participating in the 57e Congrès of the SAES this week in Reims, France, speaking on June 1st for Atelier 13: Poets and Poetry on THERESA HAK KYUNG CHA. See my abstract below. Hope to see you there!

Atelier 13 : Poets and Poetry


Bâtiment 17, salle 11.


Penelope Galey-Sachs (Université de Valenciennes) et Sara Greaves (Aix-Marseille Université)


Jeudi 1er juin, 16h-18h

16h-16h30 Suhasini Vincent (Université Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas), “The Postmodern Reconfiguring of the Old in the New in Suniti Namjoshi’s Feminist Fables

16h30-17h Bastien Goursaud (Université Paris-Sorbonne), « Reconstruire le connu : sur les sonnets de Don Paterson »

17h-17h30 Héloïse Thomas-Cambonie (Université Bordeaux Montaigne), “The Archive and the Self : Reconstructive Historiographies of Black Womanhood in Robin Coste Lewis’s poetry”

17h30-18h Jennifer K. Dick (Université de Haute Alsace-Mulhouse), « Legacy & Reconstruction(s): the multilingual, hybrid works of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha »

Abstract for my talk:

Legacy & Reconstruction(s): the multilingual, hybrid works of Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Jennifer K Dick (MdC, Université de Haute Alsace-Mulhouse, labo : ILLE)

“redressed let our history be seen through watermarks heard

thru no one speech”

–Craig Santos Perez

As I addressed in my recently published chapter “Craig Santos Perez and Myung Mi Kim: Voicing the Integral Divide: Transcending Suffering by Reshaping American History and Language”, multilingualism in contemporary postmodern poetry demands a reassessment of univocal, thus unicultural, national identity, and may be establishing a space for what you have called the “trans-cultural” in your Poets & Poetry CFP.  Examining this within the context of the 2017 SAES topic, Reconstruction(s), recalls Nathanial Mackey’s interrogation about whether reordering history's "linguistic protocols might undo or redo history itself" and the seminal Asian-American explorations carried out by Theresa Hak Kung Cha in Dictée, followed by her posthumously published Exilée / Temps Mort. Many authors since Cha, attempting to recalibrate the self within a sense of nation, citizenship and history, use her innovative forms of hybridity to defy Anglo-centric perspectives linguistically and visually. These authors collage, fragment and stutter, incorporating foreign languages and mixing or including English errors as space for the illegible and unreadable in the reading process; as a method of revising the History of the self and its nations. These authors are not necessarily trying to reconstruct a past that has been fragmented and partially erased, but rather to use fragmentation and erasure in their works to signal the ways that they are constantly written out of culture and History, simultaneously bringing the outsider into their existence. The white page, the blank space, the spatial depth of their pages, take on new meaning in these works, speaking without saying, showing in the stutter, stop, blank, pause, void the illegibility which, for some, is divide, but which for others, such as Myung Mi Kim, becomes the precise space of connection, coming together, of facing one another in the absence of any singular linguistic expression. Weaving  multitudes of cultures and languages into the loom reveals the central issue: resisting erasure, locating what Kim calls Commons.

Much of this work is being composed by minorities who are taking back the self, re-exploring ancestry, origins and histories rich with variants from the given, commodified version of History in which they now dwell. But as they seek to account for the experience of the multilingual and polyvalent self, for lost or vanishing cultures, this paper desires to explore how they—especially in the example of Cha—also end up speaking for an inclusive "we" by allowing a space for that which cannot be expressed—that of the past and the present, of the Other and the foreignness in each of us. Revisiting Cha’s works reveals how authors at the end of the 20th century have come to reassess the place of self and difference on and via the page, reminding us in thought but also poetic practice of what Ezra Pound wrote almost a century ago:                                        

                          “The sum of human wisdom is not contained

in any one language, and no single language is

CAPABLE of expressing all forms and degrees

of human comprehension.”