Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Book Review at Jacket2 of Donna Stonecipher's Model City

So excited to see my book review of DONNA STONECIPHER'S fabulous book MODEL CITY (called "The Urban Interior-Exterior Ideal")  up and available for perusal. And I am also very thankful for the edits and close readings of Kenna over at Jacket2, who helped get this polished like a shiny little stone!!! Enjoy! https://jacket2.org/reviews/urban-interior-exterior-ideal

FYI: Future book reviews are cookin' in the pan, so keep your eyes peeled for announcements as they arrive on your screens--perhaps next fall.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ivy double-header the 29th and the 31st of May in Paris

Ivy will be having a full end of May, with 2 end-of-May events in Paris!!!

29th May at 17h30: 
The IVY WRITERS PARIS + VERSAL Magazine (Amsterdam) and UPSTAIRS AT DUROC (Paris) mini festival of poetry, including performances in French by the group VEGA and readings in both English and French by a wide variety of local and travelling authors. WHEN? 29 May at 5:30pm to 8pm. WHERE? Mundolingua, 10 rue servandoni, 75006 Paris. Full info at: http://ivywritersparis.blogspot.fr/2016/05/le-29-mai-2016-festival-ivy-writers.html

The 31st of May at 19h00:
American Poetry night with Amy Catanzano, Rebecca Seiferle and Margaree Little at BERKELEY BOOKS OF PARIS. The bios for these fabulous authors can be found on the Ivy Writers Paris Blog.

A Mundolingua (musée de la langue à Paris), 
10 rue Servandoni – 75006 Paris
- See more at: http://ivywritersparis.blogspot.fr/#sthash.J2x4HoaB.dpuf
A Mundolingua (musée de la langue à Paris), 
10 rue Servandoni – 75006 Paris
- See more at: http://ivywritersparis.blogspot.fr/#sthash.J2x4HoaB.dpuf
A Mundolingua (musée de la langue à Paris), 
10 rue Servandoni – 75006 Paris
- See more at: http://ivywritersparis.blogspot.fr/#sthash.J2x4HoaB.dpuf

Monday, May 09, 2016

Day 2 of VizJournalPoem Project by Jennifer K Dick

May 9th 2016: Day 2 images 3 and 4:

(30x42cm//11.75x16.5". Mixed medium--acrylic, collaged paper, permanent marker, ink, glue, pastel, charcoal)

"RESPITE RE-CESS (recession) in
rooted/ignited TIMESPACE"
(30x42cm//11.75x16.5". Mixed medium--acrylic, ink, glue, pastel, charcoal)

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Recently Received / Recently Acquired BOOKS and CHAPBOOKS

April 2013 folds into May 2016: When a blogpost gets lost in the draft files and then re-emerges:

It seems worthwhile to note once in a blue moon what JOY is brought to any day where I go downstairs to discover a slightly puffier than a bill envelope and rip it open to uncover the gorgeous book that has somehow wended and wound its way possibly on trains, planes and automobiles as well as the back of the bike of our local post office worker (really, she bikes, it is awesome) to here.

Some of the very exciting recent mailbox pleasures from April 2013 which I had in a draft blog post since then include:
Anne-Marie Albiach's Celui des "Lames" (Eric Pesty, 2013)
Jane Lewty's BRAVURA COOL (1913 press, 2012)
MURDER by Danielle Collobert (one of my favorite books in French) now in an English version translated by Nathanael (Nightboat Books, 2013)
Rachida Madani's Tales of a Severed Head translated by Marilyn Hacker (Yale U Press, 2013)

But also there are the 2013 acquired in person books I wanted to tell people about in April of that year, such as:
Brandon Shimoda's Obon
Zachary Schomburg's Scary, no scary (O Books, 2013)

May 2016 shout outs about exciting new arrivals or newly acquired reads, most picked up in NYC on my recent visit include:
Dominique Maurizi Langue du chien (Albertine, 2011)--FYI Dominique will be reading at Berkeley Books of Paris on May 19, 2016 at 19h30
Tears in the Fence's newest issue (62) with a stunning new cover design
4 of the newest books from Nightboat--poetry collections by Michael Heller, E Tracey Grinnell, Brenda Iijima and Maged Zaher!
Early Linoleum by Brenda Iijima (Counterpath, 2015)
Visual Poems and Performance Scripts by Jane Augustine (Marsh Hawk Press, 2015)
3 books, including the fabulous, dense and rich Memories, Dreams and Inner Voices by Michael Ruby (Station Hill of Barrytown, 2012)
Bonny Finberg's Kali's Day (a novel!)
Epître Langue Louve by Claude Ber (got that at Ivy last week--it is fabulous!)
Actes from the colloque "Traduire le rêve" N° 53 of Etudes de Langue et Littérature françaises de l'université Seinan-Gakuin, numéro spécia for the 150th anniversary of Franco-Japonais relations (from Spring 2010)

If you never had time, in 2013, I published a few articles and book reviews, such as on Elsa Von Freytag's Body Sweats (on Drunken Boat), Of Tradition and Experiment articles for Tears in the Fence UK and poem/translation in N° 9 of RoToR magazine, in RoToR's FIRST BILINGUAL edition including my poem "Full Throttle" as well as 2 other texts which I co-translated with Anne Kawala.

In April 2013 we were all awaiting the exciting issue 11 of VERSAL--which you can still order!--and watch for 2016 news on Versal as we launch a call for work sometime this year and get ready for the next issues of the magazine. Versal has been focused on VERSO, its reading and talks series, and the next VERSO will be June 5th 2016 which I will curate--see full information at VERSO site: FIXITY/THE VOID is our Gemini alchemical theme.

Day 1 of VizJournalPoem Project May 2016

"Moi aussi, je suis peintre"--Apollinaire

About a year ago I purchased a GIANT Moleskin notebook at the Pompidou Center's spectacular bookstore with the vague idea that I would use the book to make some sort of one-off artpoetry book. "Play!" it invited me. But we all know how these things go--you get home then life takes over--the effort to make a single book just for me got shuffled under a million other "more important" things. The Moleskin was shelved.

But a few weeks ago, back at the Pompidou Center for the tail end of the Anselm Keiffer show, as I sat in one of the rooms and scribbled the draft of a poem, then shifted to another room and wrote a mini short story, the notebook came to mind once more. Keiffer's work evoked language, cited it, was crossed with it, or alluded to books and authors. But most significantly it awoke my own desire to play visually--to be the writer who let in the bit of the visual artist--to scribble over the pages, to dig into them with charcoal, to mash word and line into and perhaps even through surfaces. 

So, in an effort to not care whether the painting is sloppy or amateur, I began today the 176-page long Moleskin book as a sort of spring mental cleaning--reading and rereading old journals of the past year, I plucked out lines and fragments and painted and wrote, charcoaled and pasteled over and into the paint, collaged, glued a photo clipping I have had on my writing desk for the past years into the opening page. Thus I have begun the Moleskin one-off visual book exploration. To make me feel less insular in this process, I have also decided to post images of the pages as I go, even if they are childsplay--parce que, moi aussi, je suis peintre! Merci Anselm Keiffer et merci Apollinaire.

May 8th 2016: Day 1 image 1:
(30x84cm//11.75x33". Mixed medium--acrylic, collaged papers and black and white photo 'Holland House Library after the bombing of London', permanent marker, glue)


Monday, May 02, 2016

The Poetic Autobiography: an evening of readings and discussions on May 3rd

Very excited to be curating this event and leading the discussion around the topic of the poetic autobiography for Ivy Writers Paris Tonight, the 3rd of May 2016 at 19h30 in Paris at Berkeley Books. If you want more information on the event, see the bios for the authors at: http://ivywritersparis.blogspot.fr/2016/04/soiree-le-3-mai-2016-sur-le-theme-de_19.html 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Brooklyn USA reading 18 April with Jennifer K Dick, Amanda Deutch and Bonny Finberg

Organized by novelist Bonny Finberg, this Monday night reading with Bonny, Jennifer K Dick and Amanda Deutch set up only tonight (yes, we admit, it is a bit impromptu) but we have great hopes to see anyone who is free there, will be at UNNAMEABLE BOOKS one of my favorite bookstores in Brooklyn, NY:

18 April
Unnameable Books
600 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

JENNIFER K. DICK, originally from Iowa, resides in France where she is a Maître de Conférences at the Université de Haute Alsace. She is the author of CIRCUITS (Corrupt, 2013), ENCLOSURES (BlazeVox eBook, 2007), FLUORESCENCE (University of GA Press, 2004), and 5 chapbooks: NO TITLE (Estepa Editions, Paris, Nov 2016), CONVERSION (Estepa editions, Paris, 2013--including art by Kate Van Houten), BETWIXT (Corrupt, 2012), Tracery (Dusie, 2012) and Retina/Rétine (Estepa, 2005 with art by Kate VCan Houten and translations into French by Rémi Bouthonnier). She is currently at work on a large prose poem project about the CERN and recently completed the manuscripts, Lilith: A Novel in Fragments and the booklength prose poem collaboration with Almanda Deutch Orphery. Jennifer also translates French poets, curates the Ivy Writers reading series in Paris and the Ecrire l’Art mini-residency for French authors at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse. She is a poetry editor for VERSAL out of Amsterdam, writes book reviews for various places and a poetics column for Tears in the Fence (UK). Her work has been translated into French, Italian and Czech. For more, see her blog at

BONNY FINBERG’ fiction, poetry and photographs have been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies. Her novel, "Kali's Day", was published in 2014 by Autonomedia/Unbearable Books. She is the recipient of a 2014 Acker Award For Fiction.
Her work has been translated into French, Hungarian and Japanese. Other publications include a short story collection, How the Discovery of Sugar Produced the Romantic Era, (Sisyphus Press,NY) and a poetry and collage collection, Déjà Vu (Corrupt Press, Paris). Finberg is included in Jews: A People’s History of the Lower East Side, ed. Clayton Patterson; Best American Erotica, ed. Susie Bright (Simon & Schuster, NY) and The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, ed. Alan Kaufman (Thundersmouth Press, NY). She has work in The Brooklyn Rail, Evergreen Review, Ping Pong: The Literary Journal of the Henry Miller Library, Sensitive Skin, A Gathering of Tribes, Long Shot. Many Mountains Moving and the French literary journals Upstairs at Duroc,Van Gogh's Ear and Le Purple Journal. Her work has been archived in the New York University Fales Library collection of Downtown Writers. She lives in New York City and is working on her second novel.

AMANDA DEUTCH is the author of five chapbooks most recently, Pull Yourself Together (Dancing Girl Press), the collaborative, Fit to Print (Harsimus Press) and Half Moon Hotel (Propolis Press, 2016) as well as the collaborative manuscript Orphery with Jennifer K Dick. Deutch’s poetry has been published widely in literary journals in the U.S. and abroad. Poems and essays appear in The Rumpus, Revolver, Bone Bouquet, Delirious Hem, Denver Quarterly, Ping Pong, Watchword Press and Barrow Street, as well as in the anthology Manifesting the Female Epic. A graduate of Bard College, she has been awarded grants and fellowships from the Brooklyn Arts Council, Footpaths in the Azores and The Betsy Writer’s Room in Miami. Born and raised in Manhattan, she lives in Brooklyn where she curates Parachute Literary Arts.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

LIU Brooklyn reading at KGB Bar Manhattan FRIDAY the 15th of April

I am so thrilled to be part of this exciting event at KGB Bar in Manhattan, NY, USA this Friday and hope that if you are in NYC you will come along--I am the little young chick in this astounding line up of authors. http://kgbbar.com/calendar/events/liu_brooklyn_reading2/

7pm to 9pm (come early for a seat!)
15th April 2016
85 E 4th St, New York, NY 10003

Ed Foster is the author of more than two dozen books. His new work, a long poem entitled Sowing the Wind: Requiem, will be published next year. The founding editor of Talisman House, Publishers and the editor of Talisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics.

John High has written ten books, including the novel, The Desire Notebooks. vanishing acts (forthcoming from Talisman, Summer 2016) is the fourth volume in the interconnected series of poetry collections following here, a book of unknowing, and you are everything you are not.  His translations of contemporary Russian poetry include books by Nina Iskrenko, Ivan Zhdanov, and Aleksei Parshchikov

Barbara Henning is the author of three novels and eleven collections of poetry. Her most recent publications are A Day Like Today (Negative Capability Press 2015); A Swift Passage (Quale Press, 2013); Cities & Memory (Chax Press, 2010); a novel, Thirty Miles to Rosebud (BlazeVox, 2009); and a collection of object-sonnets, My Autobiography (United Artists, 2007). 

Uche Nduka is a Nigerian-American poet, essayist, and collagist.  He is the author of ten volumes of poems of which the most recent are If Only The Night, Ijele, and Nine East.  

Poet, essayist, and translator of Turkish poetry, Murat Nemet-Nejat’s publications include his most recent volume of poetry, The Spiritual Life of Replicants (Talisman Books, 2011), his translation of Ece Ayhan’s A Blind Cat Black and The Orthodoxies (Green Integer, 2015), Seyhan Erozçelik’s Rosestrikes and Coffee Grinds (Talisman Books, 2010), and as editor, Eda: An Anthology of Contemporary Turkish Poetry (Talisman Books, 2004).  

Jocelyn Lieu is the author of a 9/11 memoir titled What Isn’t There (Nation/Basic Books) and a collection of stories, Potential Weapons (Graywolf). 

Idra Novey is the author of the debut novel Ways to Disappear (Little, Brown, 2016). Born in western Pennsylvania, she has since lived in Chile, Brazil, and New York. Her poetry collections include Exit, Civilian, 2011 National Poetry Series and The Next Country. Her fiction and poetry have been translated into seven languages 

Lewis Warsh is the author of over thirty volumes of poetry, fiction and autobiography, including Alien Abduction (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015), One Foot Out the Door: Collected Stories (Spuyten Duyvil, 2014), A Place in the Sun (Spuyten Duyvil, 2010) and Inseparable: Poems 1995-2005 (Granary Books, 2008). He was co-founder, with Bernadette Mayer, of United Artists Magazine and Books.

Matvei Yankelevich is the author of SOME WORLDS FOR DR. VOGT (Black Square Editions, 2015), ALPHA DONUT (United Artists Books, 2012), BORIS BY THE SEA (Octopus Books, 2009), and several chapbooks. In his free time, he is a volunteer editor at Ugly Duckling Presse. 

and me, if you don't know:

Jennifer K Dick, author of CIRCUITS (Corrupt, 2013), ENCLOSURES (BlazeVox eBook, 2007), FLUORESCENCE (University of GA Press, 2004), and 5 chapbooks, most recently No Title (Estepa, Nov 2015)

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Kinetic Conflicts in Carson and Kandinsky essay now available in Points, Dot, Line

I am thrilled to announce the publication of Points, Dot, Line: The Dynamics of Punctuation in Text and Image (Cambridge Scholars, 2016, 215pp, hardback edition) edited and introduced by Pascale Tollance and Laurence Petit including my chapter (chapter 4 pp 48-67) titled "Circles and Lines / Limits and Extentions: The Kinetic Conflicts Inherent in Anne Carson's The Life of Towns and Wassily Kandinsky's Point and Line to Plane"

Contributors to this book of essays on text and image include: Sophie Aymes, Pascale Tollance, Hélene Gaillard, Lynn Blin, Valerie Morisson, Claude Maisonnat, Jennifer K Dick, Christelle Serée-Chaussinand, Cathy Roche-Liger, Liliaue Louvel, Chantal Delourme, and  Kerry-Jane Wallart.

Preorder the book at the special rate of 19pounds99 instead of 47pounds (a MAJOR discount!) and see the synopsis here: http://www.cambridgescholars.com/point-dot-period-the-dynamics-of-punctuation-in-text-and-image
You can read the intro and a selection of chapter one at: http://www.cambridgescholars.com/download/sample/63115

Monday, December 07, 2015

NO TITLE by Jennifer K Dick from Estepa Editions

Kate Van Houten's eternally surprising artbook press, Estepa Editions, has put out a limited edition of 40 numbered art chapbooks of my poem "No Title", for last week's PAGES artbook fair. Copies may now be ordered directly from the press (and you can also pay by paypal) for 10 euros (email estepa [dot] editions [at] gmail [dot] com) to purchase. 

On rare Italian paper, the inside poem is printed on is a lovely soft
beige page which contrasts with the cover which is a heavier grey tone folded over a slate blue carton. The nuances between these muted grey-beige and the black and white of the printing reflect the poem itself, in what is written over, named, erased, lost. The i.d. photos referenced in the poem are also echoed in the formatting on the cover of  the title and author name--they are embedded in a block of black, the "No Title" almost being lost there. Once opened, the poem inside the book folds out xylaphone style to be read all at once but tucks back into the cover for easy storage. 

I am thrilled with this new object including this highly personal poem I wrote after the mer méditerranée show and the piece "Noiseless" by Rabih Mroué in Mulhouse, France on 13 nov 2015. This is the third art book Kate and I have put out. The first Retina/Rétine (2007) is sold out, but copies of the second Conversions (2014) a book of folio images and poems in a handmade box holder is also still available, 50euros. And I am working on a set of poems based on some of Kate Van Houten's new art (her sculptures and paintings) so perhaps watch for news of another collaboration in 2016!